Boosting Myanmar’s Sports and Health Industry

Sportex is an annual three-day event that is held in Myanmar. The event brings together various trade members to offer an insight into Myanmar’s sporting goods and leisure industry, while also acting as the perfect opportunity to showcase the latest innovations and new ideas.

Countless businesses deals are forged over the course of the event, and it also serves as the perfect opportunity for various friends and colleagues to catch up and share their latest insights into the sporting world.

Propelling New Growth

Myanmar’s economy is growing quickly thanks to a concerted push to stimulate the economy and pave the road for private investment. The sports business and industries are growing particularly quickly, thanks to the ingenuity of various stakeholders and a natural passion for sports among the population.

The global sports industry is one of the biggest in the world, estimated at being worth more than $1.3 trillion! It’s little wonder that Myanmar is partaking in this growth too and looking to inspire its citizens to enjoy new and innovative sports.

An Opportunity for Sports

Myanmar has a population of over 63 million people, many of whom are welcoming sports from abroad with open arms. Golf and soccer are becoming particularly popular within the country. Sports isn’t the only area where Myanmar is being influenced from the outside: Western culture is growing there.

As part of its push to reinvigorate its economy and inspire rapid growth, the government has worked hard to grow centers and leisure services for its population. As such, there is a lot of amazing infrastructures that is stoking a natural passion for sports.

Conferences like Sportex will only serve to continue growing the profile of many sports in the country.

A Thriving Domestic Market

Myanmar and its government have an eye on the future. By welcoming businesses and sports stakeholders from around the world, it is fostering a thriving domestic market and encouraging healthy competition.

The sporting world also brings with it a high level of quality, technology, and innovation. As a leading industry within the country, Myanmar can look forward to growing its other industries further by association.

Successful Sportex conferences mean that Myanmar is already cultivating a reputation as the ASEAN center for sport. This will mean that the country can enjoy the fruits of future innovation and technology first while providing the region with expertise and products.

Popular Among Operators

The event has been very successful over the years and perhaps the biggest sign of this is the attendee statistics: each year, the event is almost fully booked incredibly quickly, with loading enterprises and organizations vying for an opportunity to attend.

The 2016 edition welcomed more than 2,000 visitors from 10 countries. This underscores now only the scale of the event, but its significant international profile.

We are confident that future editions will grow even further and, as a consequence, the profile and value of Myanmar’s sporting goods industry. We look forward to seeing you at a future edition and discussing sports together!


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